6-9 month old babies in the studio

Families with young children often ask to book a session when their baby is a certain age – what I often tell them is its often the stage the baby is at that is important (although I  know some families sometimes do want to photograph their children the day their child turns 6 months old).  Sometimes its worth waiting a few more weeks so baby is happy on their tummy and able to lift their head (around 3-4 months but it can happen later too), can sit up comfortably (from 6-8 months onwards), is beginning to stand (can be as young as 9 months) or is starting to take their first steps (anything from 11 months like my son or 15 months like my daughter!)

Here are some images from several sessions in the studios with babies who were 6-9 months old – some of the props are from the studio but I always encourage families to bring toys and blankets with them too which makes the images more personal. Sometimes they also bring other members of their family – the four-legged variety!





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