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I recently wrote the article below for the New Stork Times which is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year – congratulations to the team!  For those who subscribe, the article below is on page 19 of this month’s edition.

Presenting your Photos

It’s a new year and I am guessing many of you have taken lots of photographs over the holiday season.  I am a big advocate of not just letting images sit on a CD or a hard drive and actively encourage people to produce albums, books and different types of wall art. Nowadays there are so many ways to present images, enabling everyone to find something they like and at the same time suiting every budget.

Choice of presentations

Framed prints are the traditional way of presenting images and many of my clients like to buy square multi-frames which can include up to 12 images.  These are great for families – a typical compilation would include a family image in the middle and then individual photographs of each member along with siblings grouped together and an image of the parents together. When selecting these, look at colours that blend together and select a frame which complements them or work with a framing shop that can provide a customised service ensuring quality and longevity.

Images can also be printed in digital coffee table books and albums or put together as traditional albums with prints added individually. These are a wonderful keepsake for every member of the family and are lovely to leaf through together.  There is no doubt that technology has changed things but there is something nostalgic about looking through an album which holds so many dear memories and in the event of a fire, many still say they would save albums and nothing else.  There are many suppliers of online albums and, although these take time to do, they are worth the effort.  Another old-fashioned way is having printed images bound with ribbon in a beautiful box or mounted onto card.

Wall art is another popular way of presenting images which can be mounted on glass, perspex, aluminium, wood, and even slate!  Images can be printed and stretched onto differing sizes and thicknesses of canvas – bespoke sizes are available. There are many options and certain images look better on some products.

And of course there are digital files.  Slideshows can be put together and images shared with family and friends all over the world in a matter of seconds. Family websites are popular too and are a great way of keeping everyone in touch if you are abroad. Digital Frames are also a flexible way of changing and displaying images too.

Personal reflections

Each family is different and everyone has their own personal way of how they want to present their images.

I am a little behind at the moment … but what I personally do is print some images I can take with me if we go away (and the children love to look at them too).  I am about to print some family images for our walls and these will be framed – I have also picked one of each child when they were slightly younger to be stretched onto canvas.  Each year I also print a coffee table book the children keep in their room from the year and another is printed as a family album.  My children also love their own personal calendar too (as do the grandparents and godparents!)

Many of these take time to put together and you can either do them yourself or consult a photographer who would be happy to discuss the options with you and advise you on which images look best on the assortment of products.

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