Entrepreneur Spotlight Interview: Charlotte Bruun-Christensen of Danish Design Kids

Here is another entrepreneur spotlight blog post – this time with Charlotte Bruun-Christensen of Danish Design Kids.  Danish Design Kids  is an online web-shop for children’s clothing from Denmark. Charlotte and I met through the Zug community and we held an open house event at the studio a few years back. Charlotte holds open house events at her home or at your home/business for you and your friends/clients so feel free to contact her and find out more here.  If you pop on over to the web-shop today, you may just be lucky enough to pick up some items at the summer sale!




Tell me a little about you and your business – and how you got started in this business?

I am a Danish woman who moved to Switzerland with my husband and 2 kids in 2010. After spending a year settling down in Switzerland the kids were so big that they were off to kindergarten and daycare I started to think about what to do. In Denmark I was used to work full time, so I needed some challenges in my life.

I found myself puzzling to find stylish, unique, well priced clothing for my children to wear.  In Denmark, adorable, comfy clothes for kids were everywhere but in Switzerland, I found nothing of the sort. I began to import clothes for my children to meet my own fashion sense and immediately other mums asked me where I got my kids clothes and how they could get them. I had a lightbulb moment and DanishDesignKids was born!

How do people find out about your business? 

My business is mainly growing by word of mouth.  I also do some ads on Facebook.

What types of customers do you have?

I have customers with lots of different nationalities. I have the Danish moms who miss good quality and well-designed Danish clothes, but I also have Swiss moms that are very happy to find something different than what they see in most shops here and then still in an affordable price range.

What do you like most about what you do? 

I LOVE being out with the merchandise, selling clothes and being with customers. I am a very social person and for me it would not work to sit home and work on my laptop every day. I need interaction with other people.

What’s your superpower? 

I am a mom and every one that is a mom knows that it is the most powerful superpower in the world. As a mom you can do 1000 things at the same time including flying and climbing walls.

What did you learn from the best/worst boss you ever had? 

At my last job in Denmark, working for Nokia Mobil phones, I had a fantastic boss. He is the most gifted speaker I have ever heard and could easily keep a few 100 people entertained for hours. He always stood up for what he believed in and was never afraid of saying his opinion even though it may have not been the most popular one. So he taught me to believe in yourself and stand up for yourself.

Where is home? 

Hmmm good question. Home is where your family and loved ones are, so right now home is Switzerland, but home is also Denmark where I still have a lots of good friends and most of my family.

Which two words best describe your personality? 

Social and speed talking.

What’s your favourite vacation spot?

I love going to Italy and living in Switzerland makes it possible to do it several times every year. I love big cities, but I also love being at a small hotel in the countryside. What I love about Italy is: the food, the clothes, the shoes, the shopping, the ice cream, the cars, the mentality, the people, the weather, the sea and 100 things more…

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

I would love to invite the Danish Princess Mary over for dinner. She has done so well coming from Australia and now is so integrated – everyone in Denmark loves her. She always looks great and has fantastic style and also being a mom to 4 kids, I am sure we would talk a bit about kids clothing too.

If you could live anywhere where would it be?

I would have a house in the countryside in Italy with a great view over a wonderful landscape. I would go for long walks and pick up bread and a bottle of wine on my way home, then sit on the terrasse in the sun and enjoy it.

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