Delivering increased business value and fueling competitive advantage, Envoy is a leading-edge technology platform that unlocks the combined value in all the relationships across a company. In June, I went along to Zurich to photograph the Envoy team spoke to Ralph Schonenbach about the company’s philosophy.

What is the biggest challenge you see for most entrepreneurs?

From my perspective, it is a combination of getting the first clients and balancing cash flow. If an entrepreneur requires funding, the process to raise this takes a considerable amount of time. This takes time away from client acquisition, creating a vicious circle – raising funding to raise funding.

What is most valuable for entrepreneurs?

Networks. Through a strong network, entrepreneurs can find funding, clients, new team members and anything else required to be successful.

What inspired you to launch Envoy?

I have always been fascinated with networks. When we went online, I observed how quickly our networks expanded across different platforms and realised that we do not have an application to manage our networks as assets. With Envoy, people are able to easily consolidate their networks from different sources, clean-up duplicates, rate and cluster contacts. Through this commoditisation of contact data, people are able to democratise the value in their networks – share it with other. Through introductions, you can now monetise your network.

Today, users are the product in platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. The data is sold to advertisers, recruiters and salespeople with no benefit to the user and there is little regard to privacy. This changes with Envoy.

Relationship Capital Unlocked

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