Family studio shoot

Sometimes it’s funny when I think back to how I meet people who I then end up photographing. I met Megan when she was holding the youngest edition of her family on a boat in December last year (Katherine was a few weeks old at the time).  We were waiting for St. Niklaus to board the boat with his helpers as were all the children (mine included).  Each child then either sings a story or recites a poem for St. Nik and everyone gets a goodie bag. That year mine sang “Happy Birthday” (no idea why) – in the past my 2 year old has squeaked / piped “Twinkle Twinkle” (he couldn’t talk at the time) – its amazing the power a bag of chocolate, nuts and oranges has! For those who would like to experience this fun afternoon with their children see here for more details.

Anyhow back to meeting Megan!  At the time I gave her my business card and then 10 months later we happened to meet at a friend’s house and then we booked a shoot together.  I must admit to being a little nervous as this was the first time I was photographing five children under the age of 11 but it was probably one of the most relaxed shoots I have done in a long time!  We captured Katherine at 10 months (this is a tradition in the family as all older siblings had their first shoot too at that time) and then we photographed the whole family.  Looking forward to sharing more images with the family soon!

Family photographyFamily photographyFamily photography

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