How to prepare for a corporate business shoot


How you dress depends on which sector you work in. Those in the creative industry may want to look hip and friendly and wear clothes which reflect this, while in the banking and insurance sectors, people need to look more formal and wear a suit and tie. Think about what you want to portray in advance of the shoot and dress accordingly, although you may want to show a few different styles too (ranging from business to casual). The image should be professional but assured.

Here are a few tips on how to look your best for a business photo shoot.

In general
Go for classic looks so the image will not date as quickly.

Your clothes need to fit well, nothing too tight or too loose. This will help you relax in front of the camera. Avoid sleeveless tops as this can be seen as too casual.  Ladies – wear a well-fitting bra (not strapless).

You can easily portray a different look by bringing a few different jackets or cardigans along with you. Scarves, ties and jewellery will also help change a look quickly. Less is always more: keep jewellery and accessories to a minimum.

Wear colour but avoid patterns if possible. Subtle patterns and prints are fine outdoors but under studio lighting can tend to look distorted.

A simple, classic style is usually best but also bring hair clips if you want to change your style during the shoot (e.g. a bun or ponytail). For more contrast, bring a jacket or blouse which does not match your hair colour.  Going to the hairdressers before a shoot is great but for men, it is advisable to get a haircut the week before.

Facial hair
Don’t forget to pluck and groom the areas of your face the day before so your skin doesn’t look red or swollen the day of the shoot. Men: beards and moustaches should be trimmed.  Bring a shaver if coming straight from work (i.e., if the shoot takes place in the evening and you have been at work all day).

This is not the time to experiment with new make-up or try different shades or trends. Wear fresh and clean make-up or what you would wear if you were going to an interview. Avoid lip-gloss (matt is better under studio lights) or anything with any sparkle.  Bring a bag of make-up with you so you can touch up your lipstick when you arrive. Clear (matt) foundation may be used for men and women on the day to remove the shine on the T-zone.



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