Swiss News cover – January 2014 edition

Last autumn, I was asked to go along to Basel and photograph Carsten Rübsaamen, Director of Bookbridge for Swiss News.  Bookbridge is a social enterprise which sets up learning centres as social businesses in rural areas of developing countries. The aim of the learning centres is to bring education to people in need and serve as real life case studies in the “Capability Programme” for international executives to learn project planning, working with multiple stakeholders and leading diverse teams in different cultural contexts.  You can read more about the great work the organisation is doing in Mongolia and Cambodia here at the free trial issue of this edition (which includes the full article):

Our shoot began outdoors by the Bookbridge offices and then we went to a park for some images with a more autumnal feel.  Carsten is very inspiring and very easy to chat to and soon we were talking about the fact that he and his wife were soon to be parents. Ten minutes later Carsten took a call to hear that the baby was on the way a little earlier than planned and so we cut short the shoot… a few days later I asked how things had gone to hear the news that their baby girl had arrived safely – congratulations to the Rübsaamen family! (and for allowing me to share the story too!)

Swiss News cover - January 2014

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