Women in Business – with Ruth

I have been photographing lots of female entrepreneurs recently and some of them like me are “mumpreneurs” who, as the official definition states, are women who combine running a business with motherhood.  I like the definition because the reality of doing this is a constant juggle with many of us making business calls when our children nap (if they still do – sadly mine no longer do this), combining events with our children (not always ideal unless its really child-friendly or you can cope with a child around your leg wanting something whilst trying to have a business conversation-not ideal!) or working late into the night to catch up… (thank goodness for eye-cream. And cucumbers).

So I am going to be featuring several of these women and what they do because I think its important we support each other and following the success of the first Women’s Expo at the weekend where I also exhibited and where the support was amazing…I sincerely hope this trend will continue to grow.

Ruth is British and runs her business from her home in Cham near Zug.  We had a shoot recently at her practice as she was re-launching her website and wanted imagery to reflect who she is.  Ruth specialises in natural treatments helping you gain more energy, focus and confidence and you can find out all about her services here.  I particularly enjoyed her daily affirmations/messages which you receive if you sign up for the “Rockstar” package as well as the relaxing facial massage too. For anyone with back and neck pain I can highly recommend her shiatshu treatments which helped me recently with back-pain too. Ruth also runs the Business Networking Group for the Zug International Women’s Group so if you are a member and would like to join, please contact her directly.

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