WWF Sponsored Run Update

On a sunny day in mid-September I photographed WWF Zug’s 8th sponsored charity run. This year school-children ran to raise funds for the hedgehog and it’s environment. 115 schoolchildren took part and ran 938 kilometers over an hour collecting bands as they ran under the WWF banner raising over 10,000 CHF.

Congratulations to everyone who helped and supported the event – in particular to the school-children and volunteers.  Thank you too to Olympic Gold Triathlete Brigitte McMahon who helped the children warm up for the race. You can find out more here and all the photos can be viewed and downloaded on the gallery in the right-hand corner of the site.

WWF charity runWWF charity runWWF charity run

WWF Zug Director Esther Hegglin with Gold Olympic Triathlete Brigitte McMahon

WWF charity runWWF charity runWWF charity runWWF charity run

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