Xmas Card Shoot

So it was finally our turn to do an Xmas card shoot and it took me a while because as every photographer knows, it is very hard to capture your own children!  James is in total boisterous 15-month-old-mode and kept running at me to grab the camera and Annelies now plays up every time she sees the camera and either does very cheesey CHEESE smiles or moves herself out of the photo – it’s definite a power play with her now… luckily, Thibault was as good as gold even when he had two siblings sitting on top of him…

I find the easiest way to take photos of toddlers is to place them in the right light and let them play and then shoot them when they have forgotten you – call them when ready to get that direct look at the camera photo but I actually quite like photos of children when they go into their own little world and daydream (and forgot about that person with the camera!) My very new purchase – the Canon 70-300 IS L USM Lens – also helps so I can stay right back and take candid shots.

Here’s one I like which didn’t make the director’s cut … and not an Xmas hat in sight. More individual ones to follow next post.

Christmas card

  • Doreen Suppiger - Hi Andaleeb
    Wow what a great photo! You have such good- looking children. Will pass on your link to some of my friends.
    See you on Thursday.

  • Andaleeb - Thanks Doreen! Please do pass onto friends and I will let you know when I launch my website. Have a shoot tomorrow … in the snow!

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